Easy ordering!

Easy ordering!


How do you choose a first book for a tot?
Fun pictures? Bright colors? A Fairy tale plot?
Old nursery rhymes were a teacher’s first pick.
‘Five Little Monkeys’ taught counting real quick!

But, a new generation needs something much more …
Fresh poems! More numbers! More counting galore!
Our Pictures ‘n Poems make this seems amusing
So they’ll persevere when the math gets confusing!
Pictures ‘n Poems helps kids, 1 to 5
Know numbers, count amounts and mathematically thrive!

Pictures ‘n Poems 1,2,3 is new nursery rhymes for numbers!  These are multi-sensory memory tools for number recognition, writing and counting.  I call it number ‘new’monics!  Great for pre-schoolers, especially Montessori programs and home-schooling.  


Geeky grandparents, mathematical moms, digital dads, arithmetic aunts, upscale uncles and funky friends: embrace your silly side for numerical nurturing! 


Coming soon!  Zero Superhero and the Magical Shero – A Binary Bedtime Book!